It’s February, and we’re deep into Berlin’s bitter winter. Dark at 4pm, snow on the ground, the sky so grey all you can see is your own breath in the air. It’s time for a little lightness and escapism. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Berlinale, the world renowned film festival and jewel in Berlin’s cultural calendar, will be starting on February 9, and Little Sun will be there!

Shining a spotlight on solar, Little Sun special edition Berlinale lamps will be available to buy in the festival gift shop at Potsdamer Platz.

For every Little Sun sold, Berlinale and Little Sun will bring a Little Sun lamp to a child living without access to electricity in Ethiopia. We have been working with Save the Children to give kids in the rural Afar region of Ethiopia a pollutant-free, clean and sustainable solar light. A Little Sun lamp improves education, saves costs, and gives extra hours of light for studying, reading, playing and enjoying life.
Films entertain, evoke emotion and open our eyes to situations that we wouldn’t usually encounter. When you’re submerged in a sensitive film, you can be moved to discover the connecting human element in every place, time and people. This sense of disconnection from yourself, the elevating escapism that films treat you to, at the same time brings you down to earth by opening you up to the reality of another.
We at Little Sun see the world as being connected by the sun. We want to spread support for solar power, and share clean energy that we all need. Because films help us to connect and feel the warmth of understanding, we are sharing this video footage of Hassna, a 13-year-old schoolgirl from Afar, Ethiopia who lives in energy poverty and has been provided with a Little Sun solar lamp thanks to Save the Children.
This Berlinale, shine a spotlight on solar, glimpse a life lived without access to electricity, and help us all to be #ConnectedByTheSun.
You can buy your Little Sun Berlinale special edition in the festival giftshop at Potsdamer Platz. For every Little Sun Berlinale Edition sold, Berlinale and Little Sun give a solar lamp to a child like Hassna.
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